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November 1, 2022

Concept Elite

Concept Elite is a high-end business that provides premium services to wealthy clients seeking to diversify their investment portfolios or obtain second citizenship through investment in foreign countries. The company’s distinguished offerings require a visual representation that accurately reflects its brand identity and enhances the perception of potential clients.

We have been working with Concept Elite since November 2022 to create designs that embody their brand and promote a positive image to their target audience. During our social media retainer, we have implemented a multi-faceted approach that includes branding posts, awareness campaigns, and hard-selling designs to help drive sales. We are committed to providing Concept Elite with the highest level of service and ensuring their continued success.




Social Media Management Retainer

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Copywriting Strategy, and Post Scheduling Strategy

  • Design

    Creative Direction

  • Client

    Concept Elite

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